30 Day Abundance Challenge

In Week 1, learn how to write a list of 10 things (that are totally free!) that will prove to you that you have the power in you to have the best day EVER, every single day.

When you have the best day ever, it turns into the best week ever, into the best month ever, into the best year ever ... into THE BEST LIFE EVER.

Lisa will share the exact 10 things on her list to "have the best day ever" that she lives by - to inspire you to write your own list of 10.

In Week 2, learn how to make an agreement with Life itself by writing what Lisa calls "an Aliveness Contract."

This is a contract you write in your own words about how you plan to show up in life from now on. Lisa will share with you the contract she wrote, dated and signed in 2011 when she made a decision to leave poverty, procrastination and sleep-walking behind.

In Week 3, get clear on why you are here on earth, what you came here to do. Define what you want and why you want it and learn how to write a mission statement that truly reflects Who You Really Are.

By Week 3, you will have been living your "Best Day Ever" for two weeks and you will have a new understanding of what's valuable and valueless in terms of what you really want in life. By Week 3, you will have a clear demonstration (in your own personal experience) of how powerful you are as a Creator to create a life you love.

In Week 4, it's Decision Time!  Depending on what you choose, you will either experience a complete Christ take-over of your life OR you will remain a prisoner to old-worn-out conditioning, limited beliefs and attack thoughts. Explore the topic: "What is the Christ?" in a non-religious way and make a decision for your True Self to have total use of your mind, body and life.

This is True Abundance: an acknowledgement to be as God created you.

Your Teacher

Lisa Natoli

Lisa is a healer, founder of The Healing Cure and a teacher of A Course in Miracles. She is the creator of the 40-Day Program for Transformation and co-founder of the Teachers of God Foundation. She is devoted to teaching healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone.