The Awareness Podcast, Ep.02: Come Empty with Jackie Greggs & Neda Boin: Awakening with Music For The Soul

Neda Boin started to write songs when she was a little girl and has used her gift of singing and songwriting to support the inner healing of many people across the world.  
Her music is inspired by A Course in Miracles and is the soundtrack on the spiritual journey of many.
Press play to hear Jackie and Neda discuss the role music has played in Neda’s spiritual evolution.
They also discuss
  • learning to trust
  • following inner guidance
  • trusting in divine providence
  • daring to show up and
  • stepping  back to let God lead the way.

Neda also gives a live performance of one of the songs from her new album entitled "Remember You’re Dreaming", which was created to help us to remember that we are dreaming and we are never alone. 


Neda Boin is a singer-songwriter with half Dutch, half Persian roots, born and raised in The Netherlands. She started writing songs from when she was a little kid and learned...

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The Awareness Podcast, Ep.01: Living the Non-Dual Understanding with Bill Free and Francis Lucille: Is There a Role for the Holy Spirit on the Non-Dual Path?


When Bill Free sat down with spiritual teacher Francis Lucille to get his perspective on what it means to live the non-dual understanding, Bill did not expect that they were going to be talking about the Holy Spirit!

However, what unfolded was a fascinating conversation about the importance of how we define terms, the self-evidence of awareness and what Francis called the greatest revelation that he can formulate.
Press the play button above to listen to Francis explain 
  • how the Holy Spirit can be described experientially as the experience of silent transmission of the light.
  • how the world is like a bad cop and the still small voice of awareness in us is the good cop.
  • how there is not such a thing as a person who desires the truth and who realizes the truth and what is really happening.
  • how the Holy Spirit can be described as the awareness attribute of God
  • the greatest revelation he can formulate.

Francis skillfully points to the truth of...

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The Awareness Podcast Trailer

The Awareness Podcast launches Friday January 7th.

There are 4 resident hosts, Bill Free, Jackie Greggs, Cyndi Krupp and Susan Telford, who will bring you interviews and teachings from teachers at the cutting edge of spiritual evolution.

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