Choose Again: Six Steps To Freedom

In Week 1, Diederik introduces his Six Step Process. He gives an in-depth teaching on each of the 6 Steps and points to challenges you may encounter when you use the Process. 

Resources are provided to help you apply the Process to anything that causes upset in your life. 

In Week 2, Diederik will lead you to a deeper understanding of Step 2: Me. It's All About Me.

Step 2 is universally experienced as extremely difficult to accept as true.

However once you are willing to wholeheartedly apply Step 2, all your relationships will start to shift. 

In Week 3, Diederik teaches how to process the "bigger" upsets by yourself without indulging in "new-age" patience. 

This week you will learn the immediate correction of accepting that nothing outside yourself needs to change, because nothing outside yourself can hurt you, disturb your peace or upset you in any way.  

In Week 4, Diederik will teach you how to never be afraid of what the past seems to be in your mind. 

By applying the Six Step Process, you will be able to dive fearlessly into the deep cesspools of your mind and make tremendous progress in recognizing and beginning to release old, thoroughly ingrained core beliefs. 

In addition, Diederik will challenge you to share the Six Step Process with one other person, who you know is struggling. He gives detailed instructions on how to do this (including what not to do!) 

The more people in the world who are familiar with this Process, the more harmonious all our relationships will be. 

Your Teacher

Diederik Wolsak

Diederik Wolsak is the founder and program director of the Choose Again Attitudinal Healing Center. He is the lead facilitator of both the Vancouver and Costa Rica arms of the organization. He is an international workshop leader, public speaker and relationship counselor with years of experience in group facilitation.