“Flow down and down in always

widening rings of being.”- RUMI


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​​Do you have any of these questions?

  • What is spiritual awakening and what does it mean to wake up?
  • I have heard about "having a glimpse of my true nature", but I don't think I have had one, what am I doing wrong?
  • I thought I had an awakening but I lost it, how do I get it back?
  • I thought I had an awakening but my life is falling apart, what is happening to me?
  • If I wake up will I still be able to function in the world?
  • What does it mean to integrate spirituality in my everyday life?
  • Is it really possible to hear guidance?



Imagine if you could…

Dissolve the Apparent Obstacles to the Awareness of Love's Presence

By recognizing that Love is what you are

Develop Trust 

By seeing everything that happens in your life as an invitation for awakening 

Live a Completely Guided Life 

By listening to a knowing that comes from beyond the personal self. 

Experience a Lasting Shift In Identity

Stay established as the Essence of your True Nature and Being 


The Integrated Awakening Series 

We have gathered some of the clearest spiritual teachers in the world today, who will each shine their light on one facet of the diamond of awakening. 


You will learn 

  • what spiritual awakening is

  • how to wake up

  • how to stabilize your awakening

  • how to embody and integrate your deepening realization in every area of your life.

The Integrated Awakening Series is designed as a cohesive curriculum for YOUR awakening. 


January 2022: Lisa Natoli

About Lisa


Lisa Natoli was a spiritual seeker from 1992-2018, when the search for Self ended in October 2018. She now teaches a combination of different approaches: A Course in Miracles, non-duality, The Direct Path & Advaita Vedanta.

She is the Founder of The Healing Cure, a method of healing aimed at changing the way you view yourself, the world and others.

Watch as Lisa explains what she will be teaching in January 2022.

What Is Spiritual Awakening and What Happens When You Wake Up?

All classes are taught live at 3pm Eastern and recordings are housed in a private member area. 

January 3rd: Identification: Wake Up to Your True Self

Spiritual awakening is simply the realization of your true Self, which is changeless, eternal, perfect and whole. Awakening is not complicated or mystical and you don't need any complex practices to "wake up". Awakening is the recognition of What You Are - what you really are - which is the Awareness of all experiences that seems to occur. Our True Self is the awareness of all thoughts, feelings, sensations. Until this realization, we believe we are bodies, limited, separate, frail, weak, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. The recognization of the "I" of your True Self brings the spiritual search to an end.

January 10th: Location: Where are you? Body-Identification or Self-Identification?

After realization, there is usually a period where the limited separate self still is doing everything to maintain its existence. As the saying goes "old habits die hard"!

The belief that you are a body is deep rooted. Lisa will give a meditation practice called "What is my location?" it's a way to watch thoughts, feelings, sensations with love - and to stay as the watcher/observer without acting on the thoughts, without reacting, without getting sucked into them.

Most people think "I am here" (in time and space) without ever questioning where this "here" is and who is this "I".

Are you in body-identification as the separate limited self (in worry, shame, fear, guilt, irritation, judgment, comparison, conflict) or are you in light in Self-Identification as your True Nature (joy, peace, love)?

January 17th: Integration: Allowing routines, habits, conditioning, patterns to change as the body-self merges into Self.

The human condition is one of tension and repression, control and manipulation. We smile when we don't want to. We say "yes" when we want to say "no". We say "no" when we want to say "yes". We stay still when we want to move, sing, dance, play. We hold back creativity and expression out of fear, criticism, punishment, ridicule. All these stresses in the mind eventually affect the body.

There is an integration period after realization of Self, where you continue to stay alert & awake to the patterns of the body-self as the light of truth is becoming your new way of being.

January 24th: Embodiment: Being the Self.

This session is about function & purpose, being in the world as the light of the world, as the eternal changeless Self. Most people thinking awakening and realization of Self is the goal, the end. But it's not the goal. It's the beginning.

After realization, you LIVE this understanding for the rest of your life. When you really know that there is only Oneness, only love, your view of the world and yourself is completely changed. You are no longer seeking or searching because the search is over. You are no longer trying to get somewhere, no longer trying to "reach" enlightenment. That part is accomplished.

Now, everything is about living as the true being. What does this look like on a practical level? How do we live, move, make choices, interact and show up in the world?

January 29th at 11am ET:  90-minute wrap- up and Q & A 

Your Teachers for 2022

(All classes are taught live on Mondays at 3pm Eastern and recordings are available)

What Is Spiritual Awakening and What Happens When You Wake Up?


Do you find yourself stuck in the "trying to wake up part?”

Do you know that there is the second stage, that happens after awakening, which is embodying truth and being it.

This means allowing the old threads and patterns of human conditioning to dissolve.

Even those who have instant awakenings take years for this integration to occur - and for those of us whose awakening is slower and more gradual, we may not even realize change is occurring!

In a series of 5 90-minute classes in January, Lisa will guide you through a process of discovery and exploration to show how the roots of separation have to be seen: your routines, patterns, habits, the things that make us an "I" which believes it is separate.

Learn how as you stay as the Self, old patterns disappear. Learn how to integrate your awakening and make being the embodiment of Presence more and more your lived experience.

The Development of Trust


In order to navigate these challenging and uncertain times with Grace, we need to cultivate ever deepening Trust.

This helps us to surrender to the invitations appearing within our life, befriend constructive change, and open to new possibilities both personally and collectively.

Trust is the antidote to fear that gives us the capacity to walk an authentic spiritual path, challenging our automatic responses even when we feel vulnerable and don’t know the way.

Trust is the spiritual muscle we need to continue relaxing out of defensive control, allowing the mystery of Grace to guide our path as we move beyond navigating life from separation.

In this 2 part teaching, Miranda will speak to the stages in the development of Trust within the A Course in Miracles Manual for Teachers, sharing her experience with each of these stages in relationship to authentic spiritual surrender into a life of Grace.

During each session, Miranda will guide you into a beautiful chant, meditation, a rich teaching, followed by a potent inquiry, as well as responding to your most important questions on this subject.

Dissolving the Ego

A deeply practical and comprehensive 4 week study of how to fully Enlighten and dissolve all the blocks to peace.

Helen will show you how to recognise the Self and how to move beyond any limitations and live in constant peace.

This exploration is based on Helen's own direct experience of the fastest and easiest way to go beyond the egoic sense of self peacefully.

You will learn how to find your true Self and live from that place of peace. You will also learn how to go beyond all duality and causality to find total freedom.

How to Lead a Completely Guided Life

It's fair to say that everyone leads a guided life. However, most people are guided by egoic thoughts and emotions, slaves to what they've never examined or questioned. When spiritual students refer to "guidance," they typically mean they want to be guided by something other than ego. That may be called God, intuition, inner wisdom the right-mind of Consciousness or the Holy Spirit. Regardless of what it is called, it is possible to live a life that is completely guided by a knowing that comes from beyond the ego and the personal self. This knowing leads you in a way that is helpful to the whole while also undoing your limited self-identification, thereby awakening you to the true Self.

Learn from one who chose to commit her life to guidance. In this 4 part teaching, Regina will show you how she transcended the obstacles to guidance and point to the most profound wisdom that guidance has ever shared with her. You will also learn how to ask questions and receive answers from inner wisdom.

The Crucible We Call Relationships

What part do our relationships play in spiritual awakening?

In this series of 4 workshops with Diederik Wolsak, you will have an opportunity to explore the real purpose of your relationships.

Why did you choose the partner you are with or if you are currently single, why are you choosing not to be in an intimate relationship?

Using his highly effective 6 Step Process, Diederik will guide you to uncover the real reasons for issues such as jealousy, infidelity and blended family struggles.

In each workshop there will be an opportunity to work 1 on 1 with Diederik on any specific relationship issue you have.

Empowered Devotion

In this 2 part series, Aaron will teach a different approach to the subject of Devotion.

Traditional Devotion is a practice of consecrating all of one's thoughts and actions to God as an act of worship. To live no longer for oneself, but to devote one's entire life to God.

Empowered Devotion takes a unique approach to this practice, as it focuses more on realizing one's full potential as an act of worship. Devotion to one's spiritual potential and the realization of one's unique gifts and purpose in this life is perhaps the most powerful practice one can adopt for their spiritual growth.

As we become more aligned with the flow of life and the lessons it teaches us, our consciousness becomes upgraded to higher and higher levels, allowing us to realize the fullness of our Divine potential.

Give Yourself Permission to Screw Up on the Spiritual Path

Learn how to navigate the ongoing awareness of being both fully human and fully divine.

In these 3 Masterclasses with Jac, you will get honest answers to questions such as:

  • Is there an end point to awakening or not?
  • How can I be Knowledge itself and yet make mistakes?
  • Who can I talk to about problems post-awakening?
  • Will my human needs disappear as my awakening integrates?

Jac will teach you how to explore the lived experience of an ongoing awakened state.

Dedication to Awakening


The mind seeks dedication to awakening in order to 'get', 'achieve' or 'become' something but this mental seeking born of the conceptual self keeps us perpetually running on a spiritual treadmill, constantly chasing the promise of a future awakening.

Through gentle self-inquiry and full immersion in the NOW we can transcend the mind and discover a deeper dimension within ourselves.This dimension of Beingness opens us up to a vast, infinite ocean of peace; a stillness which never leaves or changes. Once tasted, this peace awakens a deep, authentic all-consuming desire of the heart to live in full alignment with Truth.

Effort and discipline then become irrelevant on our journey of awakening and we simply begin to live moment to moment in our preferred state of Being... in presence, love and joy.

The Awakening Body

Many of us have a deep understanding or intuition that the ordinary "I" that is present now and reading these words does not refer to a separate person.

Yet in everyday life, we continue to believe and feel ourselves to be a limited fragment.

Ellen will lead two 2 hour sessions, which are an invitation to inquire openly and deeply into our direct experience and to allow it to reveal its essential reality of Awareness. Our particular focus is the body, allowing it to be our mirror and our pathway, our prayer, and our altar, and ultimately the shining expression of this shared identity.

Gently using tactile inquiry, postures, breath and movement, the body is slowly realigned with our deepest understanding. It flows as a living substance with more and more ease and transparency and reflects and expresses the ever-present freedom and silence that is its invisible source.

Discover Your Natural State of Awakened Awareness

Once we have an initial recognition that our thoughts and feelings do not in fact constitute who we really are, the next step is to realize our “natural state” of inherent wakefulness, which is never lost or gained and never sullied or disturbed by the thoughts and feelings that arise. This direct recognition, beyond the mind, of our essential spiritual nature is the breakthrough awakening to which the nondual spiritual traditions point.

Yet many seekers read the books and watch the videos but never come to this clear recognition, which is traditionally transmitted, and then confirmed, by direct pointing in the presence of a teacher.

In this series of 4 Masterclasses, Stephan will offer teachings, guided meditations, and pointing-out instructions to introduce you directly to your natural state—what Tibetans call the “nature of mind” and Zen calls your original face before your parents were born. Once awareness awakens to itself in this way, you have experienced a major shift in identity and can’t completely revert to your old, dysfunctional way of being again.


Living the Non-Dual Understanding of a Course in Miracles 

Resting as Awareness may be the most important, valuable and yet unknown healing tool of our time.

The entire world has access to this today and most people don't know about it.


It's hidden in plain sight because our attention is habitually and culturally focused on objective external experience.

Wrap up your year of Integrated Awakening with a 4 part series of Self-Inquiry and Self-Discovery meditation Masterclasses with Bill Free.

Allow Aware Presence to lead you!

Included With Your Membership

Bill Free's nondual interpretation of and commentary on ACIM workbook lessons, in audio and video formats.

An opportunity to join other members of Evolve to study a spiritual text in depth. 

A private Facebook community where you can ask questions, share insights and get support from fellow members and teachers.

Explore our extensive archives of courses, videos, podcasts and guided meditations.

“The great secret is that it is this apparently simple, limited, mortal awareness, which is in fact, eternal, splendid, divine. If you hold on to that, at least as a possibility, your life will change and you would walk in the garden." ~FRANCIS LUCILLE


This is for you if you:

Want to Know What Spiritual Awakening Is

And just as importantly what it isn't!

Want to Experience Inner Peace and Joy

Move beyond everything that limits your freedom

Want to Feel Inspired and Guided  

Learn how to listen to inner Wisdom 

Want to Be Part of a Community Devoted to Awakening 

Get support from others on the path as YOU learn to integrate your awakening in your life


Cindy Goode

My Evolve membership is a delicious direct experience and weekly link of immersion in a conscious community of ever expansive in depth learning with an incredible roster of teachers as well as the optional sharing of the unfolding with like minded people. In life it’s who we surround ourselves with that heightens the understanding and aids in the explored knowing of awareness.

Amazing to be a part of it.


Sonya & Mike Pruhs

We have been part of the Evolve Community for some time now, and it feels more and more like a meeting with friends - a loving environment where “spiritual matters” can be shared and investigated safely and freely.

These can be arising from taking part in the wonderful smorgasbord of the “Presenter Series” as well as from one of the various Book Groups available here for deeper investigation. Members as well as teachers share their experience and wisdom to lighten up any dark or foggy areas we are encountering on our individual and collective journey.

For us, the Evolve Community is a great haven in this wild unfurling of worldly and personal events.

See you there

Mary Dugan

I so love being a member of the Evolve Community because it has enriched my life and provided so many wonderful resources for my own spiritual journey. There is a wealth of opportunities each week and a huge variety of resources available at the click of your mouse, including a vault of past material. And best of all the monthly Presenter Series allows one to examine and taste each presenter’s material for a full picture that aids in deciding if further exploration is calling you. Also of note is the price, such a wonderful value!

Is this is YOUR time to awaken?


Consider the possibility that Grace has brought you to this moment to read these words.


Everything you need for your awakening is here for you:

  • Awakened teachers who have walked the path before you

  • A community of Truth lovers waking up together

  • Your inner Wisdom whispering "It's time!"

Close your eyes for a moment and listen to your heart. 


You know the answer.


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