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Welcome to The Awareness Podcast  

Welcome to The Awareness Podcast, a place where we discuss integrating spiritual awakening in everyday life.

Every week, one of our 4 hosts, Bill Free, Jackie Greggs , Cyndi Krupp and Susan Telford will bring you interviews and teachings from teachers at the cutting edge of spiritual evolution.

Listen as they discuss their newest insights and offer practices to help us all remove the obstacles to Self-realization, inner peace and happiness.


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Neda Boin's music has helped support the inner healing of many people and accompanied them on their spiritual journey. Her music is inspired by A Course in Miracles. Join Jackie and Neda for an inspiring discussion of the role music has played in Neda’s spiritual evolution. Jackie and Neda also discuss learning to trust, following inner guidance, trusting in divine providence, daring to show up and stepping  back to let God lead the way. Neda also gives a live performance of one of the songs from her new album entitled "Remember You’re Dreaming", which was created to help us to remember that we are dreaming and we are never alone.

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When Bill Free sat down with spiritual teacher Francis Lucille to discuss what it means to live the non-dual understanding, he did not expect that they were going to be talking about the Holy Spirit. 

However what unfolded was a fascinating conversation about the importance of how we define terms, the self-evidence of awareness and what Francis called the greatest revelation that he can formulate.

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Join Bill Free, Jackie Greggs, Cyndi Krupp and Susan Telford for interviews and teachings from teachers at the cutting edge of spiritual evolution.

Learn about what it means to awaken spiritually and integrate your realization into your everyday life, no matter what stage you are at. 


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